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SwivelWheel 46

SwivelWheel 46
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The Swivelwheel-46 single wheel trailer is available with a deck dimension of 6' Wide x 4' long. This reduces the overall length from the original Swivelwheel system by 4 feet, and reduces the overall width by 1foot.

Each of the three Swivelwheel trailers has its own market place. This gives you the choice of systems for your specific needs. If just transporting a generator, the Swivelwheel-46 system will handle your needs. If transporting a full size motorcycle, the Swivelwheel-78 or Swivelwheel-58 systems would be utilized.

The Swivelwheel-46 system is shipped with a torsion suspension assembly that allows for a load capacity of 600 pounds. This system may be towed behind any vehicle with a Class-III or Class-IV receiver. The tow vehicle does not have to be a full size pickup or SUV as with the Swivelwheel-78 and Swivelwheel-58 systems.

This system was designed for those individuals that need just a little more storage space while traveling for generators, coolers, scooters, electric wheelchairs, etc. The Swivelwheel-46 systems utilize thestandard Swivelwheel single point hitch assembly.

A unique feature with this product is the ability to flip the system upright for storage. One of the greatest problems with owning a trailer, especially in a restricted neighborhood is finding a place to store it. If you leave the trailer out in sight, you start getting the nasty letters telling you to move it. The swivelwheel-46 system has an optional flip-up adapter that allows you to turn the system upright and roll it into the garage, against the wall. This is a one person operation.

NOTE: Prior to placing an order, you will need to fill out the Order Form below. The order form includes coach/vehicle information as well as weights of hauling requirements. Proper hitch capacity is the responsibility of the customer.
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