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Security Tips

Security Tips

Trailer theft is on an increase, and is usually done by individuals who strike where they find an easy opportunity.  You can defend yourselves against this type of crime by becoming security conscious and by practicing the following common sense crime prevention measures, keeping in mind three factors which discourage thieves everywhere: Time, Noise, and Visibility.

In considering boat, motorcycle, personal watercraft, snowmobile security, try to think like a criminal.  What factors about your equipment would make it an easy target for a thief?  When a determined criminal wants to steal a trailer, he will find a way.  Interviews with thieves revealed an interesting fact; if it will be difficult to steal, they will move on to an easier target!  As a trailer owner, you must convince him that your trailer is harder to steal than others.


Therefore, you want to display visible theft deterrents:

  • Secure your trailer coupler with visible deterrents such as Steal Shield.  This device provides a highly visible theft deterrent.  As well, it is machined from solid steel making it very tough to remove when secured.
  • Paint your name or logo on your trailer.  A trailer that is easily identifiable is far less attractive than a trailer with less visible markings.
  • Keep trailer doors locked securely.
  • Keep receipts and photographs of your trailer. If necessary, you can establish ownership. If the worst happens, photographs and receipts help in the recovery of missing items and make an insurance claim easier.

Take, for example, a boat on a trailer.  Boats on trailers are the most frequent targets of marine theft.  Stealing a boat is much easier if a thief can hitch up to your boat and trailer and drive away.  These tips may help:

  • If possible, store the boat and trailer in a locked garage, secured boat-storage facility or mini-storage stall.
  • If the boat is stored at home, put it in the back or side yard out of sight.
  • Store it with the trailer tongue not easily accessible.
  • If storing a boat in an open driveway, carport, or open side lot, park another vehicle or other large object in front of the trailer.
  • An effective, preventive measure for outside storage is to remove one trailer wheel.
  • Store the spare tire in an automobile, truck, or secure it to the trailer with a chain and lock.
  • Secure the boat and trailer to a secure object with a good quality chain and lock.

Or, purchase the Steal Shield to deter theft of your property.  It is more convenient to install, allows your trailer to be conveniently accessible for you, is less cumbersome than removing a wheel, and is much less expensive than secured storage.



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