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Stand Alone Tie Down

Stand Alone Strapless Motorcycle Tie Down System

Stand Alone Strapless Motorcycle Tie Down System
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Could you ever imagine you could load your motorcycle on a trailer in 5 seconds and it is totally secure. Secure? Yes, you can even pad lock it. No straps. No tying down the rear tire. With one push of a pedal, the whole motorcycle is perfectly upright and locked down. Never again worry if your straps are going to fail. This is the added assurance you’ve been looking for to secure your motorcycle. Watch this video and be amazed. Buy your own Stand Alone and never waste time loading and unloading your motorcycle again. (Note: front wheel chock not included)


How does the stand work for every bike?
The J Hooks™ are adjustable in height to accommodate the varying foot peg heights from bike to bike and there is a different stand altogether for street bikes to accommodate the wider body. The only motorcycles currently not able to work are street race bikes (crotch rockets) and any cruiser with foot platforms instead of foot pegs. We are currently working on a stand for these models. Don’t worry, it will be here soon.

Do I have to add any parts or make any modifications to my bike to make the stand work?
No, the stand works by hooking onto your bike’s foot pegs and secures the bike that way.

Can I take the stand off once I have mounted it to my trailer?
Yes, the stand fastens onto the trailer by means of 4 hex bolts and can be unfastened if you want to take it off. We also are working on a CamLock™ system that can be purchased separately for those of you who will be removing the stand frequently. With the CamLock™ system, you just twist a ½ turn & flip; the stand lifts right off.



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