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SwivelWheel Trailers

The Original SwivelWheel by FastMaster Products

The original SwivelWheel trailer for ease of towing.  Also great to tow behind a 5th wheel. This one wheel trailer is available for various transportation needs and hauling needs. A self locking wheel chock is available for motorcycle transportation.  SwivelWheels can be configured with ramps, and in some cases, power loaders for ease of loading the larger motorcycles.

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SwivelWheel 46 (SKU: CSW046)SwivelWheel 46 (SKU: CSW046)The Swivelwheel-46 single wheel trailer is available with a deck dimension of 6' Wide x 4' long. This reduces the overall length from the original Swivelwheel system by 4 feet, and reduces the overall width by 1foot.
SwivelWheel 58 (SKU: CSW058)SwivelWheel 58 (SKU: CSW058)Introducing an addition to the Swivelwheel single wheel trailer line, with the new Swivelwheel-58 trailer. The Swivelwheel-58 system is three feet shorter, and one foot wider the original product. The deck dimension of 5’ long x 8’ wide reduces the overall turning radius of the combination vehicle.
SwivelWheel 78 (SKU: CSW078)SwivelWheel 78 (SKU: CSW078)The original SwivelWheel trailer for ease of towing. 8 feet long by 7 feet wide with a Semi-V configuration of 4 feet at the rear. Also great to tow behind a 5th wheel !



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